What is the digital health content?

Since Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia and behavioral therapies are considered “first-line” in the management of insomnia, Dr. Medalie AKA DrLullaby, teaches about these modalities and interventions in the “premium content” of the digital health platform. Each “lesson” is one of these evidence-based interventions in the first-line treatment plan. The lessons include: brief 3-minute videos, reading materials, worksheets and graphic “how-to’s”.

The customization part of your plan occurs after you answer the screening questions. You receive a custom set of behavior change lessons based on age group and type of sleep problem. You will fill in sleep logs, view progress through graphs and averages, and complete 1 lesson every 1-2 weeks. You can use the library to fill in the gaps and learn additional lessons that are not in your custom set. If you sign up for video visits, your “expert” can help customize your assigned plan to meet your unique needs.