What are video sessions?

When you start our sign-up process, you will answer questions in a way that will inform you which expert you will be assigned, and whether you will receive treatment or coaching. You will be able to sign-up and pay for your sessions through our site.

Depending on where you live (and whether there is a licensed DrLullaby expert in your state), you will either participate in “treatment” with one of our PhD’s or PsyD’s or “coaching”. In the treatment visits, your expert will take a full history to understand which sleep diagnosis is most appropriate. They will implement behavioral treatment by following the digital health content, and modifying to meet your unique needs. They can customize your sleep lessons by providing behavioral treatment appropriate for your unique needs. The coaching sessions will still be with our PhD’s or PsyD’s, but they will not provide diagnosis or treatment. Instead, they will teach lessons about sleep, and help keep you motivated to reach your goals. The coaches will provide support and encouragement.

The video sessions will occur on a HIPPA compliant platform. You will receive the link to join the appointment through your email or in your calendar link. Your expert will tell you how to sign-up for follow-up. Some prefer to do this on the video chat, whereas others will direct you back to our site.